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A’cappella Chocolate is crafted in-house by our artisan chocolatiers at Debbas Gourmet, with every note inspired by our love of music. Besides our commitment to the masterful art of chocolate making, the Debbas family has a passion for the arts. It is not uncommon to see members of our family performing in the theater, acting on screen, composing music, or singing out loud! When creating new confections, we build flavors and textures that dance around your palate like a sweet melody. A’cappella is our chorus of premium ingredients that come together in bold flavors and irresistible confections. We know that one taste will give you something to sing about!

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Over forty years ago, the Debbas family brought the great heritage of Byzantine art, food, and culture across the sea and began hand-crafting gourmet chocolate truffles using only the finest ingredients. This heritage lives on with Debbas Gourmet, the master chocolatiers behind A’cappella.

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